Year of production: 2008

Running Time: 1:30 min

​A fun little video about love in a laundromat


My life in the Sky

Year of production: 2008

Running Time: 2:30 min

Challenging the status quo with the wonderful South African director, Robyn Peté

Voice Reel

Commercial Reel, Birbeck University, Laughing Cow Cheese, Head Candi Music

Community health announcement: Miscarriage UK

Documentary: The Life of Joni Mitchell Uk


Year of Production 2012

Dir. Marie Gelly

Running time: 4 mins

Clean Slate

Year of production: 2009

Running time : 1:40min

Dir: Eleanora Bertsa

Dick Smith e-training 


Dick Smith e-training


TROUPE- shot on the Isle of Wight UK, in August. This is just a quick teaser but the full film will be here really soon....

Dick Smith e-training


Dick Smith e-training